Rubbestadneset residency for A Voice and Something Else

In preparation for our presentation at the conference A Voice and Something Else, we worked phonetically and aurally from the vantage point of our own three languages, Norwegian, Danish and English with the Norwegian song Kjerkegård ved Havet, melody by Moddi and lyrics by Helge Stangnes.  The song is performed by Moddi here:
Lyrics here:

This is a song that has been written in the folk tradition, which originally used primarily the oral as it's source of distribution between communities.  We focused our attention on the nuances of emotion and diction in each others' rendition of the verses.  Listening and vocal mimeses were our main tools in this exercise.

Eleanor Clare Elisabeth Færøy Lund Sofie Knudsen Jansson
Eleanor Clare & Elisabeth Færøy Lund photographed by Sofie Knusden Jansson.

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