Approaching Materials text published by FeltActs

Image: Kam Wan (2011), 3 hours 16 minutes; 1 hour 8 minutes; 8 hours 3 minutes

Eleanor: As I understand, you bring the discussion to a consideration of how scenography – the material which creates the site and conditions of a performance – is interconnected with the action of the body. Material acts upon the body, and vice versa. The description of Bayram’s Autonomous Scenography suggests that the interplay between prop and body may lead to what may be perceived as a melting of borders, an openness to the idea of a transformation – of solid entities (and identities) merging in and out of one another, becoming and dispersing, forming illusion and, just as fast, allowing it to fall away. I was captured by the image of the pearl of sweat dripping upon the cardboard. read full article here

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