A Voice and Something Else

As a group, Sofie Knudsen Jansson, Elisabeth Færøy Lund and myself were delegates at this practice based conference in Aberystwyth convened by Rebecca Louise Collins and Marios Chatziprokopiou.
The purpose of the unique practice-based conference format was to forge relations amongst a range of academics, professionals, and artists all working in relation to the voice and listening.  The conference fostered working relationships, collaborations, and further possibilities for knowledge production through creative means.
Bringing together scholars, practitioner's and artists who may or may not have a common critical or practical approach to the subject area, stimulated intellectual debate, discussions, and practices in an ever-expanding niche area.
Photograph by Sofie Knudsen Jansson
Elisabeth Færøy Lund, Sofie Knudsen Jansson and Eleanor Clare at AVASE
Talk by John Harvey at AVASE
Mark Leahy, Eleanor Clare, Live Marianne Noven & Sofie Knudsen Jansson

Rubbestadneset residency for A Voice and Something Else

In preparation for our presentation at the conference A Voice and Something Else, we worked phonetically and aurally from the vantage point of our own three languages, Norwegian, Danish and English with the Norwegian song Kjerkegård ved Havet, melody by Moddi and lyrics by Helge Stangnes.  The song is performed by Moddi here:
Lyrics here: http://www.moddi.no/lyrics.html#kjerkegaardvedhavet

This is a song that has been written in the folk tradition, which originally used primarily the oral as it's source of distribution between communities.  We focused our attention on the nuances of emotion and diction in each others' rendition of the verses.  Listening and vocal mimeses were our main tools in this exercise.

Eleanor Clare Elisabeth Færøy Lund Sofie Knudsen Jansson
Eleanor Clare & Elisabeth Færøy Lund photographed by Sofie Knusden Jansson.

Lofoten Residency for A Voice and Something Else

A week long residency in Lofoten with Sofie Knudsen Jansson and Elisabeth Færøy Lund in preparation for the A Voice and Something Else conference held at the University of Aberystwyth.  Here we experimented with a day of silence, a listening tour by each of us - allowing ourselves to hear what is often overlooked, especially in nature, and a series of vocal and physical exercises in which we explored perception and communication.  

eye contact becomes charged when words are not spoken

we heard birds while we were hidden
the sound of ice melting, dripping drop by drop
the roar of the ocean travelling far out into the horizon

photo by Sofie Knudsen Jansson: Eleanor Clare, Sofie Knudsen Jansson and Elisabeth Færøy Lund on residency in Lofoten

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