Upcoming Show: Rolling Stage

Eleanor Clare Tilly May
Rolling Stage 21st May 2010.

I will be experimenting with an alternative presentation of 'Oh! Andy (Take Care of the Little Ones) at this event.


I also had great fun posing for the poster image for this event. The results, photographed and designed by Tilly May, can be seen here!

Upcoming Show: Mayfest

Ausform at Mayfest

I will be performing 'Fabulous and Monstrous' for the first time in Bristol on the 13th May 2010. Check here for tickets and details: http://www.ausform.co.uk/platform.html

More about the performance including music and video can be seen on my website: http://www.discoco.net/

It should be a magical event, overseen by a giant puppet Blue Moon.

The Closet and the Plank Launch April 6th 2010

The launch night of 'The Closet and the Plank' live art platform (http://www.kangarookourtart.com/) was a great success. The night was bustling, and we had special guests The Ladies of the Press presenting 'Exquisite Roadkill' (http://www.ladiesofthepress.org/).

I co-hosted the night with Hal Camplin, aka Barry the Badger (http://www.badgertrap.com/). I even presented a new work myself:

Oh! Andy (Take Care of the Little Ones) is an experimental performance shown for the first time at The Closet and the Plank. Referencing Andy Warhol and female icons of pop-culture, the piece reflects upon consumerism and kitsch in relation to the creation of the individual. Expect raucous electro music, cartoon costumes and cherry pie.

The images below were taken by Begonia Chamorro-Ramos.

Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare

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