Phoenix: Carnival of Dreams at Prøverommet, Bergen Kjøtt

drawing and performance by Eleanor Clare, photographed by Maria Øy Lojo

Phoenix: The Carnival of Dreams shown at Prøverommet, Bergen Kjøtt Dec. 1st.  This performance was part of a work in progress, the development of which is supported by BEK.

Drawing from the imagination could be described as the most basic means to express creativity. The core driving force is the desire to make real the imaginary beings which may only appear in the periphery of vision. Connected to this is the cycle of creation and destruction that forms the inevitable pattern of the creative process. Traditionally the Phoenix is male, but here it is female. The life cycle of the Phoenix can be paralleled with the phases of woman’s existence - from young maiden to old crone. Both painting and performance are used to call up the spirit of this beast.

Using a combination of vocals, delay and feedback, a series of bird noises are heard in the space.  At first they are pure and acoustic, becoming progressively more distorted. At a certain point only the delay and feedback can be heard. The piece was performed in a costume made of shredded plastic sheeting, which floats and rustles like feathers. As the noises “take off” and sustain a life of their own through delay and feedback, the Phoenix begins to move.

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