PAB OPEN @ Gamle Kretsfengsel in Bergen

Showing a collaborative durational performance with Elisabeth Færøy Lund and Sofie Knudsen-JanssonIn and Out of Tune

Three individuals in three cells are shifting between an internal and external focus. They are tuning into their surroundings by practicing attentive listening and intuitive vocal response.

The audience are invited to ring the bell, which will bring the three individuals into tune.

Once a day they come together to share a meal, and will at this time only focus on the action of communal eating.

Eleanor Clare at PAB OPEN 2013

At Home with the Ludski's #9: Voyage and Return

It happened!  The London premier of I Am Still Within You since the new arrangement of the score for vocal harmony by Marcus Davidson, with a film projection designed for his composition by Kam Wan.  I was accompanied by the singers Alexandra Anzemberger, Sharon Bowen & Maddy Cullen.

Eleanor Clare, Kam Wan, Marcus Davidson at home with the ludskis

June Twenty-First

Dillan Marsh June Twenty First text by Eleanor Clare

Dillan Marsh presents the exhibition June Twenty-First at Entrée. As the title suggest the opening will be on the summer solstice, inviting you to participate in the marking of the longest day and shortest night of the year. In an immersive construction Marsh is activating a number of rituals and he employs commercial tactics like repetition, speed and distraction. The title is fixing the exhibition to a specific time and examines how we relate to the larger systems we are taking part of through participating in smaller events. Entrée finds itself re-branded and built into the concept of the work on show. Join us for June Twenty-First at 8pm!

Following the exhibition is a new Apis Press publication by Bjørn Mortensen with texts by Eleanor Clare. The exhibition will also contain a new edition of prints from collaboration with Patrick Wagner.

Dillan Marsh (b.1980, UK) lives and works in Bergen where he graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011. He has participated in exhibitions and projects internationally including Sculpture Space, Utica NY, Tag Team, Bergen and Künstlerhaus Dortmund.

mybeautifulson with Zena Blackwell

Bmybeautifulson is a web-based collaborative work by Zena Blackwell. It was originally devised for Art Lab #1 Bern which was opened out as an opportunity to exhibit, collaborate and co-curate by Olivia Notaro.  Here is my addition to the whole.

Eleanor Clare, Zena Blackwell

Low Lying Cloud Shelter

PAB performance meeting 04.05.2013

Sydnesplassen and around, Bergen. 

Raindrops patter on plastic, which is a protection.  It makes me feel safe.  The wind is blowing this large sheet of plastic away, but I hold on tight, even though by the end it is falling apart.  Sometimes it obscures my vision, and I can't see other people's faces.  That's OK. 

Elisabeth Færøy Lund was my sole companion for the duration of this event.  She states that she is in a constant search for 'the moment of movement.'  As I perceive it, she creates sensitive improvisation, responding to her surroundings and those she encounters. 

Eleanor Clare low lying cloud shelter
photo by Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Eleanor Clare
photo by Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Eleanor Clare low lying cloud shelter
photo by Kiyoshi Yamamoto




Elisabeth Færøy Lund - photo by Kiyoshi Yamamoto

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