Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Micro Residency

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Eleanor Clare & Dillan Marsh "Comedy & Tragedy"

Micro Residency Artists 2015/16 Announced!
We are delighted to announce the artists that have been selected for the Micro Residency  2015/16 Programme.  Dillan Marsh and Eleanor Clare will begin their residency this September followed by Hannah Lees, Katrin Hanusch and  Mark Essen.

Dillan Marsh and Eleanor Clare

Our methodology is to collect visual and written material, and from this to create new text, image and object works and performance.  We assemble the new work with selections from the collected material.  Our aim has been to explore how text and practical work affect the development of each other, and how the more reflective nature of the research process is interwoven with the driving force of art making. We are concerned with the action and origin of the creative drive.

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