I Am Still Within You - exhibition and live performance


I Am Still Within You
I Am Still Within You is devised by Eleanor Clare in collaboration with Kam Wan and Marcus Davidson (with thanks to Mathias Arvastsson for technical help).  It will be performed by Eleanor Clare, Johanne Birkeland, Natalie Sandtorv and Karoline Wallace.  During the performance, singers move through the darkness of the space.  At times they will be lit by the projections, but the emphasis will be on the affect of their voices on the space, and the movement of sound in relation to the projected images. The audience can become immersed into this atmosphere, if they so wish.  Nebula Fields, a sound piece by Marcus Davidson, will run durationally before and after the performance, with a film installation by Kam Wan.

Nebula Fields
When we look through telescopes or simply peer at the sky at night, we imagine space as a vast empty void, thinly populated by stars, planets and galaxies. But modern quantum physics tells us that even the most remote and lonely points in the universe pulsate with the energy of the zero point field. So all space is energy, therefore all space is frequency, therefore the universe IS sound.

The ancient Hindus said that the universe began with the word Om. When you listen to the space recordings, this word is ever constant. It makes you wonder what these ancient people really knew. It seems the universe is full of sound, yet our senses can only detect a very narrow window of it.

All the sounds on this installation are either actual processed recordings of space sounds made by space craft or land based listening posts, or sounds made to represent the feeling of engaging with the void of space, and simply observing it. (Marcus Davidson)

Film Projection
For me, the Moon offers endless fascination. Never static in its phase or position in the sky, it is the epitome of transient beauty.

She is time. She is a mirror.
She is timeless. She is a hole.

In taking the Moon's image, I am not attempting to capture its beauty but rather to acknowledge its own particular temporality and rhythm. The Moon is a beacon in a way that the Sun is not. We may stare full face to the Moon but, apparently, we risk madness.

My wider practice concerns Nature and physical processes. The body in space and how it endures duration is a central interest. Through drawing, I always leave an open invitation for processes and forces external to me to join in the exercise in many different capacities. Thus change, spontaneity, chance, decay and solidification are perennial bedfellows. (Kam Wan)


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